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Battling The Bats In Beaumont

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When it comes to how to control bats in the house or how to control bats in the attic, you shouldn’t have to battle these pests alone. Here’s what Beaumont homeowners should know about what attracts bats to your home, the easiest way to deter them, some tips for keeping them away, and the best way to get rid of bats with pest control in Beaumont, TX. 

What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Like many pests, your home attracts bats for the same three reasons: safe shelter, food sources, and water. If they’ve decided to take up residence in your attic, barn, or outhouse, the bats around your Beaumont property may have found that your home offers protection from the elements and predators as well as an abundant food source. 

Bats feed on flying insects, including mosquitoes. Most bats have no interest in your leftovers or trash cans, but they will happily scoop up any flying insects that are hovering around these food sources. Are bats good for mosquito control? Some homeowners may lure bats to their homes for the express purpose of getting rid of mosquitoes, but this isn’t a good idea. 

While bats are rarely aggressive with people, they can carry diseases, including rabies, and potentially spread them to you. So, while they may take care of some of your flying insects, bats can also pose a health risk, and you should never purposely attract them.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Bats?

If you’re looking for a few home remedies that might deter bats from hanging around your home, you should consider hanging bright lights or objects that reflect light in areas where bats may try to roost. 

This could include installing a light in your attic, hanging strips of aluminum foil, or even putting up a few mirrors. If you’re worried about fruit bats in your fruit trees, you can take this same approach with your yard. Place a few strips of aluminum foil or lighted objects around fruit trees. Noisemakers can also be helpful for deterring bats.

Bats are nocturnal, which means their eyes are not well-adapted to handle artificial lights. Bats will naturally tend to steer clear of well-lit areas, so the easiest way to deter them is to ensure the places on your property they would be most apt to roost are well lit. 

Five Tips For Keeping Bats Off Your Property

Hanging bright lights may not always be enough to completely deter bats, especially if you’ve got an abundant food source around your property. 

Here are some other handy tips for keeping bats away: 

  1. Get rid of their food source. Bats are going to stay where they’ve got food to eat, and if you’ve got a lot of mosquitoes, flies, and other insects around your home, they won’t be keen to leave your property. You can reduce insect populations by practicing sanitary food practices, like sealing leftovers and not letting your trash cans fill up. 
  2. Eliminate water sources. Get rid of standing water sources, like birdbaths or open cavities that collect rainwater, where bats and other insects may drink. 
  3. Keep doors and windows completely closed, and seal up any other holes where bats may fly into your home. 
  4. Try using reflective material. While this may not be a permanent solution, hanging tinfoil can sometimes deter bats from hanging out in certain areas. 
  5. Work with a pest control professional for humane animal control in your Beaumont home

Keep in mind that you should never try to interact with bats on your own or harm them. Not only could these critters lash out if they feel threatened, but there are legal regulations against killing bats in many places too. 

Efficient Bat Removal In Beaumont

While you can use the tips above to deter future bats from making an appearance on your property, what should you do about the bats already trying to make your home into their own? Since you can’t use insecticides and trapping them on your own is often dangerous, there’s only one solution, and that’s contacting the pros at Pestco Professional Pest. 

Serving Beaumont and the Golden Triangle for years, we can humanely and effectively remove any bats that may be terrorizing your property – as well as provide measures to keep them from coming back. If you think you may be dealing with bats, you should leave the removal process up to the pros – contact us today at Pestco Professional Pest to learn more about how our bat control in Beaumont can help.