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A Helpful Ant Prevention Guide For Beaumont Homeowners

March 15, 2022

Have you ever seen an ant infestation? Maybe you’ve seen a few ants around your home or property, but you might not have given these pests too much thought. However, it becomes clear that once ants establish their colonies near or inside your home, these pests are a significant annoyance.

While many ants in Beaumont are considered nuisance pests because they don’t spread diseases, they can still be highly invasive and tricky to remove. To keep ants out of your Beaumont home, it’s wise to take preventive measures, and this guide is here to help.

The Types Of Ants That Invade Beaumont Homes

The main kinds of ants that invade homes fall under the “nuisance” category. These include the pavement ant, a small black ant usually found near concrete and sidewalks. There’s also the odorous house ant that tends to get inside homes in its search for food. You can identify these ants by the scent of rotten coconuts they let off when squished.

Then, there are the even more troublesome species. The pharaoh ant is a yellowish-tan ant that can spread diseases. The destructive carpenter ant also tunnels into wooden objects to build nests. These ants can destroy structures around your yard and house.

All The Problems Ants Can Create In Your House

Regardless of which kind of ant you're dealing with, all of these species will invade food items if they get the chance. Even nuisance species like the Argentine ant, also found in the area, often create trails leading into homes to carry food back to their nests. Ants will get into pantries and cupboards, and you’ll need to get rid of any food they touch.

Along with the annoyance of ants infesting your kitchen, some ants can spread harmful pathogens and pose health risks. And while carpenter ants aren’t generally as destructive as termites, they can still cost you money on home repairs.

Environmentally-Friendly Ant Prevention Tips For Your Home

Instead of dealing with ants once they have already invaded, the best way to get ant control in Beaumont is to take preventive measures. The team at Pestco Professional Pest suggests following these eco-friendly and practical steps:

  • Make it more difficult for ants to get inside by sealing up the house's perimeter. This means installing door sweeps, weather stripping, and filling holes with caulk.
  • Address the food sources that attract ants by storing pet food indoors and keeping your kitchen clean.
  • Remove water sources by fixing leaky plumbing to reduce humidity.

And the last and most important way to prevent ants is to contact pest control professionals for help.

The Most Effective Ant Control For Beaumont Homes

The Beaumont pest control experts at Pestco Professional Pest provide ant prevention services to keep out even the most invasive ant. And, if you're already facing an infestation, give us a call today. We can remove existing ant problems and keep them from returning. Learn more about our pest control plans and request a quote today.