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Keeping Bats Away From Your Beaumont Home

May 30, 2022

What do you imagine when you think about bats? Maybe you envision a creature that can spread disease, or possibly you think about the supernatural legend of vampires. Or, perhaps you’re one of the people that sees bats as cute, furry creatures easily misunderstood. Whether you like bats or not, these animals can be a big problem if they invade your property, especially if they get inside your home.

Bats in Beaumont can pose some health and safety risks, so it’s a wise idea to try to prevent them. Learn some practical bat prevention tips from the experts at Pestco Professional Pest in this guide.

What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Like all mammals, bats need water, food, and shelter to survive. Bats are nocturnal animals that sleep during the day, and this is when they hang upside down. They will look for areas to roost where they feel secure. Some bats seek out hollow trees or caves, but others will find shelter inside attics, sheds, or rooflines. 

As far as food sources are concerned, most bats eat insects. They emerge from their roosting spots at night and begin to hunt. They eat many kinds of insects, including mosquitoes, gnats, beetles, and more. One of the most common species to invade properties, the little brown bat, will consume about enough insects to equal the weight of a grape each night.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Bats?

To keep bats away from your Beaumont home, you need to focus on reducing the factors that tend to attract bats. It would help to make your house and yard less hospitable to these pests. And, we do have some valuable tips you can follow. 

But, the most effective way to get total bat control is with help from professionals. Bats do pose some risks when they invade. They can transmit rabies, often carrying parasites like ticks and fleas. And, even their droppings (guano) can make you sick. The build-up of their guano can release spores that cause histoplasmosis, a fungal infection.

For these reasons, it’s usually safest and most effective to prevent and remove bats with help from Beaumont pest control experts. 

Five Tips To Keeping Bats Off Your Property

Along with the assistance of the professionals at Pestco Professional Pest, you can also follow these five steps to reduce or remove bat attractant factors, such as:

  1. Removing access to areas where bats roost. Make sure to seal up holes or cracks near rooflines and sheds.
  2. Focusing on preventing insect populations by cleaning up organic debris and trash around the yard.
  3. Reducing water sources by removing any standing water around the yard.
  4. Removing fallen fruits and vegetables to deter common insects in the area.
  5. Covering vent openings with wire mesh and getting caps for chimneys.

But, if you already have a bat infestation, don’t try to remove these dangerous creatures on your own.

Efficient Bat Removal in Beaumont

Bats are nocturnal and can roost in small areas that are hard to access. They can also quickly fly away if you get too close. It can be risky removing bats on your own as they can transmit diseases. Instead, let our team at Pestco Professional Pest get rid of bats safely and efficiently. Find out more about our wildlife control options for your Beaumont home by giving us a call today.