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Pesky Squirrels In Beaumont

May 15, 2022

You’ve probably seen a squirrel running up a tree or around your yard and might have even watched their antics and thought they were cute. However, while squirrels are a reasonably common wildlife species in Beaumont, they can cause many problems for homeowners. Squirrels are a kind of rodent, so they can cause similar issues as rats and mice. Because squirrels are challenging pests to deal with and can be dangerous and destructive, knowing how to get rid of squirrels in Beaumont is vital. Read on to get some helpful tips and tricks.

The Types Of Squirrels That Hang Around Yards

While there are some ground squirrels in Texas, the main squirrels that invade properties are tree squirrels. There are two tree squirrels in the area; the eastern gray and the eastern fox. Both of these species spend most of their time on and around trees, and they both have bushy tails, beady eyes, and small front legs they use to eat nuts. But, the eastern fox squirrel is slightly larger and has brighter colors, including more orangish hues. On the other hand, the eastern gray squirrel is duller and brownish-gray.

The Diseases Squirrels Are Capable Of Spreading

As far as rodents are concerned, squirrels aren’t as likely to get inside your home compared to mice and rats. However, they still pose health risks even if they live around your yard. They spread illnesses such as salmonellosis and rabies and can even make you sick through their urine, feces, and fur. Squirrels are also common carriers of ticks and fleas, and these parasites can bring even more disease risks such as Lyme disease and tularemia.

Also, squirrels can damage property by chewing through wires, pipes, drywall, wood, and much more. 

Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips 

Because squirrels can put you and others at risk, taking steps to prevent them is critical. Here are some of the most effective squirrel prevention tips for your yard:

  • Remove pet food and store it inside instead.
  • Put lids on trash cans.
  • Clean up around the yard. This includes fallen fruits and vegetables and other organic debris.
  • Keep squirrels from your home by repairing holes in the walls and foundations with tough products like steel wool.
  • Cover chimneys with caps and get wire mesh for vent openings.
  • Remove standing water from the yard. Clear out gutters to ensure that rainwater can quickly drain.

If you are already dealing with troublesome squirrels, Beaumont wildlife control services are the best way to remove them. Our team at Pestco Professional Pest can help. 

The Safest Way To Keep Squirrels Away 

While squirrels aren't always aggressive, they may bite or scratch if threatened. This means it’s risky to try and remove squirrels on your own, and the truth is that squirrels can be difficult to catch. The easiest and safest way to handle a squirrel issue around your property is by reaching out to our Beaumont home pest control experts at Pestco Professional Pest. Learn more about how we can remove and prevent wildlife problems throughout the year by giving us a call today.