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Rooting Out The Subterranean Termites In Beaumont

July 15, 2022

The destruction termites cause can be panic-inducing to property owners. Termite damage costs Americans billions annually, and Beaumont is not immune to termite ruin. In 2016, it was part of a large influx of subterranean termite activity that wreaked havoc on property, homes, and business owners across the southeastern United States. Beaumont pest control professionals had their work cut out for them, so we do our best to prevent termite infestations before they happen.

Subterranean termites are milky white, live underground, and roughly 90% of the colony is blind. They live in colonies that contain between 50,000 to one million termites, all with specific jobs to accomplish. The termite swarmer is part of an exception to the rule in that it possesses sight, will survive above ground, and has wings. Subterranean termite swarmers are produced once an immature colony matures, and its job is to create a satellite colony. They are also one of the first early warning signs of termites you’ll find on your Beaumont property.

Signs Of Subterranean Termites On Your Beaumont Property

Subterranean termites live underground, burrow through rotting wood, and create mud tunnels for when they must travel above ground. If you can detect a termite infestation quickly, you will be able to stop significant destructive impacts on your home.

Signs of subterranean termites include:

  • The presence of swarmers are the most significant tip that you may be a target for a budding subterranean termite colony. These termites are long, winged, have sight, and come in a brown and black variety of milky colors.
  • Damaged wood is a key indicator of a termite infestation. It is a sign of termites if it is blistered, sounds hollow, or is brittle like old paper.
  • Termites communicate through vibrations and noises that echo through their tunnels. Their messages, as well as collective chewing, can be audible.
  • Sudden moisture damage to your doors and windows can signify termite tunnels. Termites use their saliva to build their intricate tunnels, producing moisture.
  • Check your foundation. Mud tubes and termite galleries can look like harmless mud along the base of your home’s foundation. Large galleries are unmistakable and can create mud pillars on the underside of your home.

You may have to look closely to find evidence of termites around your home before they become a problem. During pest control inspections, crawl spaces are a particular area of concern and often hold the most signs of termites in home settings.

Crawl Space Subterranean Termite Infestations

We want to think that signs of termites are easy to spot, but unfortunately, they are not. The symptoms are often subtle, and few homeowners will see termite activity inside the house's living spaces. If there are signs of active termites living in occupied areas of your home, you have a termite problem that needs to be addressed. If you have termites, call Pestco Professional Pest.

Subterranean Termite Treatment Guide

Because termite colonies are so large and are mostly hidden out of sight, DIY solutions fail to address an entire infestation, allowing it to grow back to its original size in a short period of time. A termite expert near you can make sure the entire infestation is treated. We don’t recommend going it alone. Sit back and let trained professionals take care of rooting out termites for you.

Complete Termite Pest Management From Pestco Professional Pest

Pestco Professional Pest is the best termite control company for your Beaumont homeWe are committed to eliminating and preventing termites and other pests from your home, backed by more than two decades of experience.