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What To Do About Carpenter Ants In Your Beaumont House

April 15, 2022

Beaumont, Texas, sits on the border of Louisiana, and while its residents may enjoy crawfish and brisket, it's still an utterly Texan town. This historic town's brick streets and old lampposts lead to urban neighborhoods, trendy boutiques, and mouthwatering food. While a mixture of Cajun and Texas BBQ is a favorite among the locals, the carpenter ant prefers wood. While they may not eat the wood, they sure can damage it, making pest control in Beaumont vital.

Clear Signs Of A Carpenter Ant Infestation

Even though carpenter ants tend to be on the "larger" side, they are still pretty small compared to other pests that commonly invade homes. When insects are so small, it is easy to miss the signs of an impending infestation, but they do leave some signs that they have accessed your home.

Seven signs of carpenter ants include:

  1. Rustling sounds behind walls
  2. Finding bits and pieces of insulation
  3. Wood shavings (frass) that resemble sawdust
  4. Tiny holes on the surface of the wood
  5. Fragments of ants or other insects
  6. Seeing a worker (It is 1/4 to 3/8 inches long; common indoor carpenter ants have a black abdomen and a reddish/brown thorax and head.)
  7. Seeing a swarmer (It is 1/4 to 1/2 inches long, has wings, and is usually black.)

Finding carpenter ants in your home can be disconcerting. Once homeowners begin to notice signs of an infestation, it is wise to reach out to the pest professionals at Pestco Professional Pest.

The Issues Carpenter Ants Can Cause In Your Beaumont Home

While "southern" carpenter ants are not supposed to be as destructive as those to the North, they can still cause issues in your home. All carpenter ants fall into the category of harmful insects. While they do not eat wood, they do tunnel through it. If tunneling is extensive, it can cause issues in your home over time.

Five problems reported after long-term exposure to carpenter ants include:

  1. Window/doors that stick
  2. Warping to wood framing
  3. Uneven/sloping floors
  4. Weakened support beams
  5. Devaluation of real estate

At the first sign of carpenter ants, homeowners should immediately take action. The sooner you contact pest professionals, the better. Since gaps and voids are an attraction for carpenter ants, they can spread all over your home in no time.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Your Beaumont Home

The best way to get rid of carpenter ants is by calling in the professionals at Pestco Professional Pest. Our company is committed to staying educated and updated with the latest developments in pest control. We will listen to your concerns and develop a strategy to eliminate your problem and keep your future pest-free. Call us today to obtain results that will last year-round.

How To Naturally Make Your Home Less Attractive To Carpenter Ants

While ant control solutions by Pestco Professional Pest are the best way to get rid of carpenter ants, self-protection is always helpful. There are steps that homeowners can take to try and stop carpenter ants from finding their homes inviting.

Six ways to deter carpenter ants from visiting your home include the following tips:

  1. Locate and repair any damp/rotting wood inside/outside your home.
  2. Repair plumbing problems inside your home.
  3. Make sure flashing, gutters, and downspouts are in good repair.
  4. Place dehumidifiers in moisture-prone areas.
  5. Seal any crevices, cracks, and gaps in foundations, around doors, and windows.
  6. Keep tree limbs and other plants cut back and away from your home.

Even after installing preventative measures, you may still find yourself battling carpenter ants. In the end, the best way to protect your home from carpenter ant damage is by calling the experts at Pestco Professional Pest.