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You Could Be Accidentally Attracting Mosquitoes In Beaumont

July 30, 2022

There are some things in life that we want to attract, like cute puppies and a partner. Other things are attracted to us when we would rather they leave us alone, like bills and abrasive neighbors. We are here today to talk about one of the most annoying creatures in Beaumont, the mosquito. If you would like to avoid these pests around your property, we have some things for you to think about today. For quick services to remove mosquitoes from your yard, call the pest control experts at Pestco Professional Pest. We would be happy to get your property the care it needs.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

There are many things that make a person attractive to mosquitoes. Let’s start with clothing color. Mosquitoes have poor eyesight and use silhouettes to identify their prey. The darker your clothing is the more visible you will be to these pests. Two other things mosquitoes use to identify their prey are carbon dioxide and body heat. If you like to work out outdoors or participate in sports, it is important to know that these activities will make you more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. One great way to avoid bites is to avoid going outside during dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. It also helps to avoid marshlands and other wet areas where mosquitoes are more numerous. One thing that attracts mosquitoes that you cannot control is your blood type. Studies have shown that mosquitoes are much more likely to bite a person with type O blood. 

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

Mosquitoes do not live for very long. Regarding the few different types of mosquitoes that live in Beaumont, their average lifespan is only seven days. The question is, how do mosquitoes breed in this short time? Well, all mosquitoes start out as eggs laid inside stagnant pools of water. These eggs take a few days to hatch into larvae. Submerged in water, larvae develop into pupae in about five days. Pupae then take two to three more days to develop into adults. Most kinds of mosquitoes become sexually mature 24 hours after becoming adults. At this point, females look for blood to suck in order to provide nutrients for their eggs and males inseminate females. This starts the whole process over.

Will Mosquitoes Bite Your Pets?

Mosquitoes are not only a threat to us, they also can be harmful to our pets. Infected mosquitoes can spread conditions like heartworm, West Nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis, tularemia, and Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus to dogs. They can also get cats, mice, rats, and other common household pets sick. The thing that determines how dangerous a mosquito is is whether or not they have bitten any infected animals or humans recently. Although uncommon, outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases do happen in the United States and can cause huge problems for communities like ours.  

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes On Your Beaumont Property

If you are looking for how to keep mosquitoes away from your yard, you are in the right place. The experts at Pestco Professional Pest understand the problems mosquitoes pose and offer great mosquito control options to help you protect your property. From one-time services for outdoor gatherings at event centers to full, year-round protection for area properties, we have everything you need to combat these blood-stealing pests.

Call today to learn how the experts at Pestco Professional Pest get rid of mosquitoes or if you have any questions about pest control in Beaumont. We will walk you through our options and help schedule an appointment for your home.