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At Pestco Professional Pest Control, we provide our clients with nothing but transparency in everything we do, including our pest control processes, where honesty is required by the TDA Pest Control Department.

If you hire a contractual pest control firm to resolve an infestation at your home, please note that you have 72 hours from the commencement of the agreement to terminate completely. Simply notify the pest control firm that you do not want their services, and the contract will be nullified.

All pest control companies, including Pestco Professional Pest Control, must pass a written examination to be licensed in Texas. All pesticides must be certified by the EPA and the TDA before use on any consumer properties. Please note that you should still take caution to prevent unnecessary exposure.

It is important to be cautious around applied pesticides to prevent harmful side effects. Pesticides may be harmful to people if:

  • Swallowed
  • Inhaled
  • Absorbed through skin
  • Inhaled
  • Contacted

Additional pesticide precautions can also be found on its associated pesticide label.

Pesticide signs will be posted around your property no later than 48 hours before service. However, if you have any questions about pesticide use, application, or side effects, please contact one of the organizations below.

  • The National Pesticide Information Center [1-800-858-7378]
  • The Structural Pest Control Service [866-918-4481]
  • The TDA Pesticide Registration [(512) 463-7407 OR 800-835-5832]
  • Texas Department of State Health Services [(512) 458-7111]

If you are interested in reading our full consumer disclosure PDF, please click here.