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Do You Need Mosquito Treatment In Beaumont?

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You may not know this but mosquitoes don't plague everyone in Beaumont. There are conditions that can make one property more attractive to mosquitoes than another. If you know what attracts mosquitoes, you'll be on your way to having fewer mosquito bites. Let's look at some general mosquito facts and discuss how you can get rid of mosquitoes in Beaumont.

General Information About Mosquitoes In Beaumont

Mosquitoes can seem mysterious, but they really aren't all that mysterious. If you know four basic facts about these insects, you'll be able to easily see what works to get control of them.

  1. Mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mostly mosquitoes that have hatched in your yard. Mosquitoes don't generally travel far. Some species don't go more than a few hundred feet from where they hatch.
  2. Mosquitoes don't eat blood to survive. Does this surprise you? It's true. Only female mosquitoes eat blood, and they do it in order to create eggs. Both male and female mosquitoes eat nectar and plant sap as sustenance.
  3. Many pest mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water, and it only takes a half cup of water to provide a viable breeding site. Female mosquitoes lay a hundred eggs at a time. 
  4. Mosquitoes are fragile. It doesn't take much to dry out a little mosquito and kill it. When mosquitoes come into your yard, they're going to spend most of their time hiding from the sun to avoid dehydration.

There are many natural ways to repel mosquitoes if you use this information against them. Let's take a look at how this works.

Three Natural Mosquito Repellents

Many Beaumont residents go out and get torches, candles, or other products to repel mosquitoes. These have little impact. Female mosquitoes are motivated to get a blood meal in order to produce eggs. They're not likely to be deterred by something stinky.

If you hope to keep mosquitoes away, you need to use methods like these:

  1. Remove containers. Any objects in your yard that act as a container for rainwater may provide a breeding site for mosquitoes. This can be a cup or bowl left out on your deck, but it is more likely to be an object sitting in your yard. Mosquitoes require a little over a week to develop from egg to (flying) adult. Get rid of lawn clutter, particularly organic clutter. Mosquitoes are going to love a yard that has scrap wood left over from a construction project, dead branches that have been collected from the yard, or piles of leaves. Yard work is essential for natural mosquito control.
  2. Address moisture problems. Mosquitoes are going to look for hiding places that are high in humidity in order to stay hydrated. Your landscaping is likely to be a primary target. If you clean your gutters and make repairs to your gutter system, this can go a long way toward reducing moisture. You can also remove grass and weeds from your landscaping and trim your plants to allow the wind to move through your vegetation and keep things dry. Dense vegetation is a perfect hiding place for mosquitoes.  
  3. Address lawn weeds. Mosquitoes don't tend to travel far, but they might be inspired to move into your yard if you have tiny weeds with flowers scattered about in your lawn. Those little flowers provide more than enough food for mosquitoes. One by one, they'll move across your yard and get closer to discovering vegetation near your home in which to hide. When you get rid of weeds, you remove this attractive food source.

While there are many scents that repel mosquitoes, they just don't provide the kind of long-lasting impact these mosquito repellent methods provide. Use these tips as a good first step in managing mosquitoes. If more control is needed, we recommend spraying for mosquitoes in your yard.

FAQ: Spraying For Mosquitoes In Beaumont

Mosquito treatments are the best way to deal with mosquitoes because mosquitoes are going to rest most of the time. When they rest in landscaping and other key areas that have been treated, they'll be exposed to a knockdown agent. No more mosquitoes, no more mosquito bites.

We recommend contacting Beaumont pest control to handle the task of treating mosquito resting places in your yard. A licensed mosquito control professional uses appropriate products, in appropriate amounts, at appropriate intervals throughout the year, to provide ongoing protection around your home.

Control Mosquitoes The Easy Way With Pestco Professional Pest

If you need home pest control and live in Beaumont, contact us here at Pestco Professional Pest for assistance with mosquito control. We can provide one-time treatments before important outdoor events, or seasonal treatments to help you keep your yard protected all year long. Take your backyard back. Get protection from mosquitoes starting today.