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Getting Rid Of Problematic Bed Bugs In Your Beaumont Home

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Bed bugs are some of the most devious and challenging pests to deal with once they've invaded your home. It's very easy for you to encounter them essentially anytime that you're in public, as these pests thrive wherever people are. What this means for you is that something simple like staying at a hotel, sending your kids to school, or even going to the grocery store can put you in direct contact with bed bugs. But so can bringing home pieces of previously owned furniture or mattresses, because they often sit in storage facilities and come from unknown places.

When bed bug infestations start to develop, the wisest decision that you can make is to seek professional pest control in Beaumont for a swift and effective solution that doesn't leave you in harm's way any longer. At Pestco Professional Pest, we are the trusted experts on bed bugs because we always put our customers first, use the safest techniques possible, and will do whatever it takes to eliminate your bed bug problems. If you'd like more information on our bed bug control services, please visit our bed bug page. We hope that you find the following information helpful in determining whether or not your home is housing a bed bug problem and what you can do to address it. 

Bed Bug Bites Are Usually The First Sign Of A Problem

When it comes to having a bed bug problem in your home, one of the most common signs that an outbreak is in full effect is waking up with bites you don't remember getting. They usually appear in tiny lines or clusters and are small and red in appearance. Some people experience the development of welts and full-bodied allergic reactions from bed bug bites as well.

When you're dealing with bed bugs, there are several other signs that are important to look out for. Some of the other indications that you might have a bed bug population in your home include:

  • Finding eggs, eggshells, fecal matter, and body parts that have molted around your living spaces
  • Smelling a sweet, mildew-like odor that you can't quite place that resembles ripened fruit
  • Noticing blood stains and reddish smears on bed linens, pillows, and blankets, which can indicate that you've crushed bed bugs or that they've left behind feces that contain blood
  • Experiencing an increase in asthma attacks and allergies, which can come as a direct result of having bed bug byproducts scattered throughout your home
  • Any form of bed bug in any life stage, alive or dead

If you've detected any of these signs in your home, the best decision that you can make is to choose professional Beaumont bed bug control from Pestco Professional Pest. We are a team of trusted pest professionals, and we deliver the safest bed bug solutions in town. We follow strict Integrated Pest Management guidelines, which means that every product and method that we implement is safe for the entire household and that it's geared at long-lasting relief. For more information on how these services can benefit your home, please visit our bed bug control page or call us today.

Bed Bugs Won't Just Go Away On Their Own

If you've ever encountered bed bugs in Beaumont and found them to be tenacious pests that are difficult to eliminate, you're not imagining it. They are one type of pest that will not go away on their own, for a few key reasons that are very important to be aware of. These reasons are why reliable bed bug control from a trusted professional is the most accurate way to address this type of infestation.

One of the biggest reasons why bed bug problems do not resolve themselves is because bed bugs usually have all of the access to a food source that they need without even needing to do anything. Bed bugs sleep during the day and hide inside your mattresses and couches, coming out at night when you can't see them. This is when they access their main food source, your blood. A bed bug only requires several meals a week, and this is a rather easy target for them to achieve. During the cooler months, they require less food, which might lead you to think that they've gone dormant when they haven't.

Another reason why these issues won't resolve themselves is that bed bugs are difficult to detect in the first place. Bed bugs usually live inside of your furniture, and the signs of their presence can be subtle at first. This might mean that it takes you a while to notice that you have a bed bug problem.

Rather than allow a bed bug infestation to grow and thrive in your home, consider enlisting professional help from Pestco Professional Pest today. Our bed bug control in Beaumont is designed to be the safest and most effective around. We follow strict Integrated Pest Management guidelines and work with our customers on the ways that they can prevent infestations in the future. To learn more about how our services can get rid of your bed bug outbreak, please call us today.

Why Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control Often Fails

When you encounter bed bugs, it can be enticing to try to solve the problem on your own with over-the-counter products because they're readily available at your local hardware store. That said, they're still costly and continue to disappoint homeowners for a variety of reasons.

The first is lesser-known, but bed bugs have a growing immunity to some of the active ingredients in these products, such as neonicotinoids and pyrethroids. While it might seem like a given, these products also don't come with any of the firsthand experience, training, and certifications that are necessary to use any product properly. Though they may come with instructions, there is no replacement for professional knowledge.

These products are also no match for the rate at which bed bugs reproduce, which can be a minimum of one egg per day after a female has feasted. She is capable of laying between 250 and 500 eggs in her lifetime, so a bed bug can quickly outperform the treatments that you're using to quell them. Finally, your DIY techniques are no match for bed bugs because locating the source of an infestation can be nearly impossible without training and experience.

At Pestco Professional Pest, we provide bed bug control that actually delivers results to our customers, rather than allowing an infestation to continue and grow out of control. We have access to the highest quality products that are proven effective on bed bugs, and we have the training and expertise that are required to use them. All of our technicians have been trained specifically to deal with bed bugs, so we know what we're looking for, and we know how to eliminate the problem. For more information on getting rid of the bed bugs in your Beaumont home for good, please call us today.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs are a pest problem that will not resolve themselves once they've gotten to work in your home. Rather than allow a bed bug infestation to fester, the best call that you can make is to the team of experts at Pestco Professional Pest. We are a customer-first company, so everything that we do is driven by our dedication to your safety and gaining real results to build a stress-free home for you and everyone in it.

For years, Beaumont homeowners have entrusted their homes to us because our team of pest experts truly understands their needs, is looking to build long-lasting relationships, and uses the safest, most effective methods available.

Our company abides by Integrated Pest Management principles, which means a few things for your home. To start, it means that everything we do to eliminate bed bugs will be safe for everyone in your home, including pets and children. It also means that we try to minimize chemical use wherever we can, and after treating your problem, our technicians will also discuss the ways that you can try to reduce bed bug attraction in the future through education and subtle habit changes.

When you enlist our services for your bed bug removal in Beaumont services, we always begin with a room-by-room inspection, which allows our technicians to determine where the source of your infestation is and the extent to which it's grown. Once we've discovered what the scope of your issue is, we'll create a unique treatment plan for you and move into action as quickly as possible. We always provide our customers with a prep sheet of tasks that they'll need to complete before the service in order to maximize our efforts and cause no harm to personal belongings.

The types of methods we incorporate include dusts, liquid applications, and aerosols. We treat all impacted areas like electrical outlets, headboards, crevices, and mattresses to ensure complete elimination. We then return between 10 and 21 days later to perform another inspection and re-treat if necessary. For more information on our residential and commercial pest control services in Beaumont, including our bed bug control services, reach out to us today!