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Moth Identification & Prevention

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What are moths?

If you have mistaken moths and butterflies for each other, that is because they are closely related. As flying insects, moths have wings, antennae, and six legs. One of the biggest differences between moths and butterflies is that moths are the only insect with scales on their wings. They also can coil up their proboscis, which is their moth parts. Moths come in various sizes and colors, depending on the species. Like butterflies, their larvae are called caterpillars.

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Are moths dangerous?

The moths that you see flying around your home are not necessarily dangerous. It is their larvae that can cause multiple problems. Moths strategically lay their eggs on a food source so larvae can feed as soon as they emerge. And larvae don’t just eat a little, they have big appetites, and it shows.

There are several different types of moths you might experience in your home. One of these types of moths infests pantry goods. When this happens, larvae can contaminate food without you knowing. Other moths, which eat natural fibers, can cause damage to wardrobes, curtains, carpets, upholstered items, and more.

Although moths are not the most dangerous pests, they are still an unwelcome sight and can cause unwanted issues in any home.

Why do I have a moth problem?

Like other pests, moths can wander into a house through any available opening, including damaged screens, cracks in the exterior walls, gaps around window and door frames, and more. Because moths are nocturnal, they follow light sources, so even opening a door at night can let them in.

Moths can also be carried in at the larval stage. Some species infest dry goods and can be inside such items before taking them home from the store. Secondhand clothing is another common way these pests get inside.

Where will I find moths?

Depending on the species, moths can be found in many different places in your home. Commonly, moths are attracted to light, so you may find them around light fixtures and electronics like televisions and computers that produce light.

Some moth species infest dry goods, so you may find them in your kitten and pantry, while others invade wardrobes where the larvae have access to the types of food they consume. You may find these types of moths in your closet, storage areas, basement, and attic.

How do I get rid of moths?

For any kind of moth problem you are experiencing, contact us at Pestco Professional Pest Control. We offer comprehensive pest control services for those in Beaumont and surrounding areas. Our Integrated Pest Management treatments are based on the pest pressures you face and tailored to your needs. With single, monthly, and quarterly plans available, you can find the pest control plan that is right for you.

Give us a call at Pestco Professional Pest Control today to learn more and start the residential and commercial exterminator services you need to treat for moths and other annoying pests.

How can I prevent moths in the future?

Along with continuous pest control services, you should use the following tips to help reduce moths around your Beaumont home:

  • Keep outdoor lights off as much as possible because they will attract moths to your house.
  • Repair any damaged screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.
  • Fill in any gaps around windows and doors to keep these pests from getting inside.
  • Before purchasing, inspect food packaging and transfer all dry goods into clear containers with an airtight lid.
  • Use plastic bins with locking lids to store personal items like clothes, blankets, books, and the like.

For any questions about moth prevention and control, contact us at Pestco Professional Pest Control.