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Pest Control In Orangefield, TX

The unincorporated community of Orangefield is located in the broader city of Orange and provides residents with a semi-rural setting for daily life. With warm seasonal conditions, pests are always a possible problem, but they don’t have to be. At Pestco Professional Pest, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to premium pest control without the unattainable prices. Each of the treatment programs that we implement is built to the specifications of our customers, which includes their budgets.

As a fully licensed and insured company, we also believe in the importance of ongoing education, which is why our technicians regularly attend seminars and training on the latest techniques and best practices. All of our work comes with a warranty to further affirm your safety and with emergency services, you’ll never have to handle pests alone again. To learn more about how customized pest control in Orange County can work to protect your home or business, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Orangefield

Pest invasions can happen in your Orangefield home at any point throughout the year, whether that means bed bugs in the summer or rodents in the winter. At Pestco Professional Pest, we work around the clock to make sure that these types of issues are always properly addressed in the safest way possible. As a fully licensed and insured company, we believe in the routine education of our staff and upholding the highest standards for everything that we do. This ensures that our valued customers are always satisfied and receive the best work possible.

In order to keep pests out of your home, we follow the Integrated Pest Management system. This methodology focuses on the ecosystem to address pests in the most accurate way for each individual property. All of our services come with a pest-free guarantee so you can sleep soundly knowing that pests are no longer able to access your home. To learn more about our residential pest control offerings and how they can be tailored to your property, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Orangefield

At Pestco Professional Pest, we work with business owners to address current pest pressures while also taking proactive measures to keep future issues from taking place. Our utilization of Integrated Pest Management means that we will always take the safest route to creating a pest-free environment. This also benefits your business because the program that you receive will be customized entirely to your needs. We pride ourselves on offering discreet services so that you never need to draw more attention to pests than is necessary.

All of our technicians are licensed and certified, while also educated on a routine basis. We strive to provide our customers with the latest services and most current best practices, which this allows us to do. Given our extensive background, we’re ready to work with a diverse array of industries, whether that means the hospitality industry, a yoga studio, warehouse, or medical facility. For more information on our commercial pest control offerings, contact us today. 

What Kind Of Moth Do I Have In Orangefield?

Moths flock to Orangefield properties in large numbers and can blossom into tedious nuisances if you let them. While they don’t pose significant health risks, they can lead to allergic reactions and asthma attacks, while also causing property damage by eating away at personal belongings like clothing, fabrics, and upholstery. There are hundreds of species that are local to the entire state of Texas, however, in the Orangefield area, these are the most common types:

  • Luna moth: Lime green in coloring, this moth is primarily active at night and looks to reproduce incessantly.
  • Black witch moth: Otherwise known as the bat moth, this species is known for its distinct patterns and bat-like characteristics. 
  • Sphinx moth: With bright stripes and daytime activity, the sphinx moth is hard to miss. 

For moth protection that you can trust, contact Pestco Professional Pest Control today. 

Treating Termites In Orangefield Is Trickier Than You May Think

Termites look to Orangefield homes like yours as an easy source of food. They locate wood, whether that means a shed or the foundation of your property, and start eating away at it. Simply having the presence of wood around your home makes preventing termites difficult; however, things like having excess brush in your yard, placing mulch too close to your foundation, or having undetected water damage can all invite termites into your home.

Once termite activity has begun, treating it can be a lot harder than it might seem. This can be for a multitude of reasons, which starts with where termites usually build their colonies. Some of the most common hiding places for termites include inside walls and foundations, which makes it nearly impossible for the average homeowner to reach them. Additionally, termite activity usually goes undetected for at least 18 months, their colony sizes can range between a few thousand to a few million members, and the extent of the damage that they cause can be extensive enough to hollow out walls and crumble a foundation or ceiling. For a safe and secure solution to termite protection, contact Pestco Professional Pest Control today.