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Pest Control In Pinehurst, TX

Situated in the eastern part of the state, Pinehurst is a smaller community in Montgomery County but is slowly growing as a suburb of Orange. More people are beginning to realize the appeal of living in a smaller, outdoorsy community, and businesses are following the migration of families that have chosen to settle down here. With this human population growth, the pest population has also grown in Pinehurst, making professional Montgomery County pest control essential. Read on to learn how Pestco Professional Pest Control can help your home and business be pest-free today.

Residential Pest Control In Pinehurst

While it may seem like there is a never-ending to-do list for homeowners, we urge you not to forget about securing professional pest control for your home. Because there are so many different kinds of pests here in Pinehurst, it takes expertise and advanced tools to safely and effectively exterminate them and ensure they do not come back. Here at Pestco Professional Pest Control, our goal is to ensure pests do not return and minimize the amount of damage they cause to you and your home. Our expert technicians are constantly attending training seminars and keeping up to date with the best methods and tools to ensure they provide top-notch residential pest elimination services to the residents of Pinehurst. We provide warranties and follow-up services to ensure your home stays pest-free for good. If pests have invaded your home, don’t wait until the damage gets severe; give us a call today – walk-ins are welcome!

Commercial Pest Control In Pinehurst

For businesses in Pinehurst, professional pest control in Baldwin County is essential to ensuring your employees and patrons are safe and healthy. In this day and age of social media, all it takes to tank your reputation is for a patron to have an interaction with a pest in your establishment, and then they post about it online. Here at Pestco Professional Pest Control, we provide the same high level of service we provide to our commercial clients as we do to our residential clients. No matter what type of commercial space you operate out of, our expert technicians will customize a commercial pest control treatment plan as unique as your specific situation. If pests are threatening your hard-earned good reputation, let us help you take it back; call us today!

Six Handy Ant Control Tips For Pinehurst Property Owners

Ants are some of the most common invaders of Pinehurst properties. When dealing with these pests, it is important to understand that ant control in your home is just as important as ant control in your yard

 Below are six tips for controlling the ants on your property:

  1. Start by going around your house and locating holes and gaps in your siding and foundation. No matter how small they may be, seal them up, as ants can squeeze through even the tiniest of holes.
  2. One of the most effective forms of ant control in your home is properly storing your food in airtight containers. One of the reasons ants are in your pantry is because easy-access food is what they are looking for when they invade.
  3. Clean up the spills in your home as soon as they happen and thoroughly, especially if they are from meaty or sweet foods and drinks because ants are particularly attracted to them.
  4. Ant control in your yard is where effective ant control begins. Because ants like to build nests in organic debris such as logs and stumps, it is helpful to clean up your yard and remove these objects regularly.
  5. Ants follow where other ants have gone by smell. By identifying where a troop of ants has been walking, you can wipe it down and remove their scent, which will keep other ants from following them.
  6. Ultimately, the most effective ant control comes from a professional.

Here at Pestco Professional Pest Control, we can help you exterminate any existing ant infestations and implement prevention strategies to ensure they do not return.

How Can I Tell If My Pinehurst Home Is At Risk For Spider Problems?

No one likes the idea of spiders crawling around in their home. Find out what attracts common house spiders to your Pinehurst home below:

  • Clutter: Spiders like clutter because it provides them with a safe place to hide and reproduce. Having lots of clutter in your garage or attic will attract more arachnids.
  • Holes in the siding of your home: Just like with ants, spiders make their way indoors by squeezing through even the tiniest holes, so if you have any present, your home is at risk for spider problems.
  • Other insects: Common house spiders are more likely to invade if you have an existing insect infestation, as this is essentially a free meal.

If you are concerned about spiders invading your home, call Pestco Professional Pest Control today!