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Rodent Identification & Prevention

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What are rodents?

Rodents are small mammals. There are thousands of species of rodents living worldwide. Most of the world's rodents are never seen by people, but others have made themselves well known around our Texas homes and businesses. Mice and rats are examples of rodents that regularly invade our yards and structures. These critters have adapted to living near people, and like all rodent species, they have continuously growing front incisors.

The following are common species of rodents in our area:

  • Field mice: Field mice are most problematic in rural areas with lots of grass and wooded areas for them to hide within. These mice are pale gray to reddish-brown with white fur on the belly. Like their body, the tail is bi-colored and covered in short hairs. 
  • House mice: These rodents regularly make themselves comfortable in our homes and are a problem in rural and urban areas. They are small rodents with an oval body covered in grayish fur, and the underbelly is covered in lighter fur. Their ears and tail are covered in a layer of velvety fur. 
  • Norway rats: These rats have a dense body covered in brown fur with black hairs scattered throughout. Norway rats have a scaly tail that is shorter than their head and body combined. These rats prefer to stay at ground level and create burrows under foundations, woodpiles, and in crawl spaces.
  • Roof rats: Roof rats have thin bodies, are agile, and are great climbers. They like to nest above the ground and find their way into our homes to nest through defects in the roof or through the chimney. Their bodies are covered in black fur, and their scaly tail is longer than the combined length of their head and body. 

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Are rodents dangerous?

Doing things like contaminating food, spreading bacteria, and damaging property, rodents are not creatures you want to share your Texas yard or home with. Rodents are dangerous pests, and at the first clue that they have found their way into your property, you need to take action to eliminate them. Rodents are prolific breeders, so the longer they are on your property, the larger their populations will become and the more destructive and dangerous they will be.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents are a problem in our homes and businesses because they have no shame in taking what they need from us and providing us with nothing in return. Our trash cans, gardens, outdoor eating areas, pet food, and kitchens provide them with food, our home's leaky fixtures, with a source of water, and our yards and structures, with a source of safe shelter. The basic needs our Texas properties provide rodents are too much for them to pass up!

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents are prey animals; when living outside, they constantly try to stay out of harm's way by staying out of the sight of larger predators.

When in our yards, they nest and hang out in areas that provide them with cover, including:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs and bushes
  • Under woodpiles
  • Leaf piles
  • Construction debris
  • Under decks and sheds

Rodents are agile creatures, so keeping them out of our homes is quite tricky. They can enter at ground level or above the ground through windows, the roof, or chimneys.

Once inside, they will make themselves comfortable in quiet areas that put them near food sources. Wall voids, space behind appliances and cabinets, basements, and crawl spaces are where rodents lurk in our homes, emerging at night to forage for food.

How do I get rid of rodents?

Rid your Texas property of rodents the fastest and easiest way possible; partner with us at Pestco Professional Pest Control. We are dedicated to our customers and provide honest, reliable rodent control services and superior customer service. Trust us with removing rodents from your property and keeping them from returning.

Pestco Professional Pest Control is a full-service pest control company that provides customers with customized pest control services and uses products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. We know that each of our customer's pest control needs is unique, which is why we offer single, monthly, and quarterly plans.

Call us today to learn more about our residential or commercial pest control plans and how we can work together to keep your property free of rodents and other household pests!

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

Use the following suggestions to reduce the chances of rodents taking over your Beaumont area property:

  • Rodents can squeeze their bodies through the tiniest of spaces. To keep rodents out of your home, caulk or fill any holes you discover in your home's exterior. Replace damaged weather stripping and loose screens, and always keep caps on your home's chimneys.
  • If rodents find a way into your home, even the tiniest amount of food they discover will keep them coming back, or worse, make them decide to stay and nest. Store your family's food in the fridge or airtight containers, regularly wash dishes, and make sure trash cans have lids on them.
  • Remove harborage spots from inside and outside of your home. Get rid of yard debris, trash piles, and unnecessary junk from your yard. Get rid of clutter inside your home, especially in the basement and other storage areas.

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