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The Hornets In Beaumont Can Be Dangerous

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Hornets have a reputation for being big, scary, and aggressive. Unfortunately, for Beaumont residents, this large stinging insect lives up to its reputation as one of the worst stinging insects.

Here’s what local homeowners should know about the difference between hornets and wasps, how to deter hornets, what to do if you spot a hornet’s nest, and how professional pest control in Beaumont can help with stinging insects in Beaumont.

Hornets vs. Wasps: How To Spot The Difference

Hornets and wasps are easy to mix up, and some people may even use these terms interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two, such as:

  • Hornets and wasps are two different types of stinging insects with one notable exception: the bald-faced hornet, which is actually a type of wasp.
  • Hornets can grow over an inch in length, but most wasps do not grow as large.
  • Hornet nests tend to be smaller than wasp nests with anywhere from 100 to 700 workers, while wasp nests can have up to 1,000 workers.
  • Hornets tend to create large, globular nests in aerial locations, while many types of wasps create ground nests.
  • Most hornets have black and white or brown and red coloring, while wasp coloring can vary depending on type.
  • Most hornets are aggressive if encountered, while certain types of wasps, like paper wasps, only sting out of self-defense.

It’s important to note that, unlike bees, both hornets and wasps do have stingers that don’t detach when they use them. This means they can sting you repeatedly without any harm or consequence to themselves.

Ways To Deter Hornets In Beaumont

As aggressive as hornets can be if you encounter them, are there ways to deter these stinging insects? Yes, there are some natural ways you can prevent hornets in Beaumont, such as: 

  • Get rid of food scraps and empty garbage cans around your property. Leftover food and scraps can attract hornets, so keeping your yard clean is important for keeping them away. This also includes fallen fruit from fruit trees, which may lure in insects that hornets feed on as well as hornets themselves.
  • Be careful about planting a lot of flowering and fragrant plants as this can attract hornets and other stinging insects.
  • Try using a fake nest decoy on your property. Hornets are territorial and if they believe there’s another colony close by, they’ll be unlikely to build their nest on your property.
  • Plant hornet-repelling plants, such as marigolds and pennyroyals.

Not only will the tips above help deter hornets, but they’re good guidelines for deterring wasps and other stinging insects as well.

What To Do If You Spot A Hornet Nest

You may not realize you have a hornet nest until it’s too late, but what should you do if you spot a nest on your property?

  1. Don’t approach the nest. Even if the nest looks abandoned, or you’re not sure if it’s a hornet nest or wasp nest, you should never approach one of these nests. These stinging insects are extremely aggressive and may attack in swarms to protect themselves from a perceived threat. 
  2. Warn family members, neighbors, and keep pets inside. When you spot a nest, it’s always a good idea to warn those you live with or nearby neighbors about it. Let them know you know you think it may be a hornet nest, and describe where you found it. Since you can’t relay this information to pets, it’s a good idea to bring your pets inside or supervise their outdoor time to make sure they don’t come close to the nest. 
  3. Call the professionals. To remove the nest, you’ll need to call a professional pest control company for safe removal.

These three steps are the safest way to handle a hornet nest on your property.

Does Professional Pest Control Help With Hornets?

Yes! Not only does professional pest control help with hornets, but using a professional pest control company like Pestco Professional Pest is also the safest way to deal with hornets and other stinging insects. These pests can be dangerous, but our experienced home pest control professionals have the training and safety equipment to completely remove any hornet nest and colony from your property.

If you suspect you may have a hornet nest near your Beaumont home, the safest thing to do is give us a call – contact us today at Pestco Professional Pest to learn more about how our hornet control services work.