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The Most Effective Termite Control For Beaumont Properties

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Termites in Beaumont are a potential threat to your home. But how much of a threat are they? And what is needed to effectively control termites? Let's take a look at the problem of termites in Beaumont, explore five ways you can prevent termite damage, and discuss what provides the absolute best protection against termite damage.

The Life Cycle Of Common Termites

A termite nest is created by two termites: the queen and the king. This nest grows for years and produces lots of workers. All termites start as workers. If needed, the queen will cause workers to develop into soldiers or reproductives. The soldiers protect the workers and the reproductives help with creating new workers. Some reproductives are given wings so that they can leave the nest and create new nests. These are called swarmers because they gather into a swarm. Termite swarmers are a warning sign of active termites in your Beaumont home but, more importantly, seeing termite swarmers around your property is a sign that the termite threat is about to increase. Every king and queen that survives the mating process has the potential to create new nests on or near your property. This is the life cycle of termites. If these colonies aren't targeted, a termite problem is going to grow. This is just how it is.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Properties

One little termite is not going to do a lot of damage to structures you own, but a colony can have thousands of workers in it and you can have more than one colony feeding on the structures in your yard. If termites aren't properly addressed when you discover them in your yard or home, they will do hidden damage, over time. Subterranean termites stay hidden in the ground or inside the wood they're feeding on. It can be very difficult to detect them if you don't know the signs of termites in your house or the signs of termites in your yard. While we can't tell you how much termites will cost you, what we can say is that termite damage can be costly and difficult to repair.

Five Environmentally Friendly Termite Prevention Tips

There are ways you can reduce the chances of having subterranean termites cause extensive damage to your home. All of these tips are 100 percent environmentally friendly.

  • Remove wood sources. If you have dead branches, stumps, logs, scrap wood, or decaying wood on your home, these should be removed or replaced. Termite workers are looking for food. When they find it, they recruit other workers to gather nutrition for the colony. The queen produces workers faster when there is plenty of food. She may also create reproductives to start satellite colonies. This can bring termites into your yard unseen.
  • Elevate wood. Sometimes it is impossible or not to your advantage to remove wood. If you put wood on a structure that is raised up above the ground, subterranean termites will have to create mud tubes to get to the wood source. These tubes will be a visible sign that you have active termites. You can put cement piers under wood posts on your deck, stack brush piles on a raised platform, or put firewood on a platform near your fire pit.
  • Look for signs of termites in your yard. The appearance of termite swarmers around your property is a helpful sign, but it can go undetected; swarms last for less than thirty minutes. When the swarmers separate, the queens and kings disappear into the ground, or into structures on your property. Look for mud tubes on structures. Look for shed swarmer wings in spider webs or on the ground. Watch for worker termites when you rake, pick up dead branches, or move objects around in your yard. 
  • Look for signs of termites in your home. While it is difficult to detect a termite problem early by inspecting your home, it is wise to do routine inspections and catch them as early as you can. Look for changes to wood. Tap on wood to see if it sounds hollow. Listen for clicking noises. Look for mud tubes on interior surfaces. If you see swarmers inside your Beaumont home, contact Pestco Professional Pest Control.
  • Seal entry points in your exterior. This can prevent kings and queens from getting into your home. These reproductive termites don't eat wood. The only way they can get inside is if they find an entry point.

The Best Termite Control For Beaumont Properties

There is no better way to prevent termite damage than to let the knowledgeable termite control professionals at Pestco Professional Pest Control install termite protection around your property. We would love the opportunity in guiding you in this important decision for your home. If you live in Beaumont or the surrounding area, reach out to us today for reliable home pest control and commercial termite exterminator services in Beaumont.