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What It Takes To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Beaumont Home

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You will have multiple opinions when you put two people in a room, and that is fine because we are all entitled to our thoughts and preferences. Young people that think they are invincible may not agree with this, but there is one thing adults can agree on; the need for a good night's sleep. The older we get, the more we like a good night of rest. Doctors tell us that seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary for optimal health. 

A pest that can disrupt a good night of shut-eye is bed bugs. When you suspect bed bugs are present, it is difficult to fall asleep because you know you will awaken with more itchy bumps on your body. It is hard to catch some z's because you can't fall asleep scratching those annoying bites! If you suspect bed bugs are in your house, you need expert pest control in Beaumont from Pestco Professional Pest Control. 

For over 20 years, we have removed bed bugs from Beaumont area homes allowing homeowners the chance to get a good night's sleep. Our decades of experience give us the knowledge we need to successfully eliminate one of the most troublesome pest control problems facing homeowners. This article will help you identify, understand, and fight against the bed bug problem in your Beaumont home. 

How To Identify A Bed Bug

People ask, "what do bed bugs look like?" which is an understandable question because bed bugs are tiny, elusive creatures that are active while we sleep. Bed bugs feed on their hosts for about three to twelve minutes, and when they are full of blood, they retreat to cracks and crevices in mattress seams, box springs, wood flooring, behind headboards, and picture frames. They also hide inside electrical outlets and between baseboards and walls. Bed bugs can fit into a space the width of a credit card and usually hide within five to twenty feet of the host in warm, dark, secluded areas. Once they are hidden, they will stay in that location for several days until they need to eat again. 

Another reason that finding bed bugs in your Beaumont home is a challenge is that they are tiny. Adult bed bugs are 1/4 inch long and are visible to the naked eye — especially when engorged with blood, whereas a nymph is only 13/64 of an inch. When you combine the nearly colorless appearance and size of the offspring, they are impossible to see without a magnifying glass. 

Despite the challenges of bed bug visibility, they leave behind these bed bug signs that you can find any time during the day:

  • Stains: While bed bugs feed on their host, they release reddish-brown feces about 20% of the time; they continue to deposit feces as they travel back to their hiding places (called harborages). You will find these fecal spots on the mattress, box springs, upholstery, walls, and bed linens. Crushing bed bugs when you roll over while sleeping or sitting down on an infested piece of furniture creates a rusty or red stain in those areas. 
  • Eggs: To produce eggs, males and females must have a blood meal every 14 days. When a fertilized female gets her fill of blood, she releases one to three eggs, and as long as she feeds, she can produce the eggs daily. Over her lifetime of six to 12 months, one female bed bug can discharge up to 500 eggs! The eggs are cream-colored and the size of a pinhead; if they are older than five days, they have a small, black eye spot. Due to their minuscule size, you cannot see the eggs without the aid of a magnifying glass. However, if you suspect bed bugs, look in dimly-lit corners, cracks between the baseboards and walls or carpet, and creases in upholstered items in the room using a magnifying glass to search for this early sign of bed bugs. 
  • Skins: Bed bugs are insects, and insects have their skeleton (called an exoskeleton) on the outside of their body. For an insect to grow, it must shed its exoskeleton. When a bed bug hatches, it begins a series of growth stages (called instars), and each phase involves shedding its exoskeleton. As it progresses through the five instars before adulthood, the skin sizes continue to increase from 3/64 inches to about 13/64 inches long. Using a magnifying glass, look for discarded skins in electrical outlets, creases in the nightstands, behind wallpaper, and in the same areas as the eggs.
  • Odor: If you have a large bed bug infestation, you may notice a musty smell in the room created by the glands on the bed bug's body.
  • Bed bugs: Unlike their eggs and egg shells which require a magnifying glass, adult bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. As you search for the bugs in the hiding places mentioned above, look for reddish-brown bugs about the size of an apple seed size. If the bugs are unfed, they will have a flat, oval-shaped body, but if they have had a recent blood meal, their body will be swollen and elongated. If you want to confirm that a bug you find is a bed bug, examine it with a magnifying glass to see if it has the following characteristics: two antennae with four segments, six legs, wing pads, and short hairs. Although bed bugs have wing pads, they do not have wings, nor can they fly. 

If you see these signs, act quickly and get the best bed bug pest control near you from Pestco Professional Pest Control.

Why Bed Bugs Like To Bite Sleeping People

Bed bugs are not the only pest that bites people; for example, mosquitoes, chiggers, and spiders also bite people, but they do not all bite for the same reason. Spiders are not aggressive and bite only when threatened or squeezed inside clothing; they do not bite to draw nutrients from the blood. However, mosquitoes, chiggers, and bed bugs bite to get the protein, iron, and amino acids blood provides. 

Fertilized female bed bugs and mosquitoes draw blood to enable the production of eggs, but when it comes to the males, the similarities end. Male mosquitoes do not consume blood but eat nectar instead, but male bed bugs do require blood for survival. Also, female mosquitoes do not exclusively eat blood but consume carbohydrates when not fertile. Female mosquitoes do not need blood until adulthood, but bed bugs need blood through every growth stage. Bed bugs are like chiggers larvae that need blood to grow, but they are different because once chiggers reach adulthood, they no longer feed on blood but eat other soil-dwelling arthropods. 

In summary, bed bugs bite sleeping people because they need the nutrients in the blood to grow, reproduce, and live. Bed bug nymphs use blood to go through the five instar stages, fertilized female bed bugs eat to produce eggs, and male and female bed bugs eat to live. Unlike mosquitoes, chiggers, and spiders, bed bugs use no other source of nutrients than blood. 

How Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into Your Home

Bed bugs do not fly into your house like flies or mosquitoes, nor enter your Beaumont home through foundation cracks, gaps, or holes in screens like other insects, spiders, or rodents. Bed bugs enter your house by hanging on your clothing, luggage, shoes, or bags. Locations such as theatres, restaurants, hotels, and motels are Grand Central Station for bed bugs because people intermingle and allow them to transfer from one person to another. Public transportation like buses and cabs also provide a hub for bed bugs to move from one host to another. 

Used furniture is another way bed bugs come into Beaumont homes. Bed bugs hide in the wood cracks and creases between the upholstery and the wood. If you purchase used furniture, be sure it is not for sale due to a previous bed bug infestation. Also, examine the used item with a magnifying glass before bringing it into the house.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs are one of the most problematic pests to eliminate in homes because bed bugs can detect and avoid insecticides, resist older treatment products available to consumers, and reproduce rapidly. Because bed bugs are a challenge to eradicate, you need highly-trained technicians with the tools, experience, and knowledge to eliminate bed bugs in your Beaumont home. 

Pestco Professional Pest Control is your local pest control for bed bugs. When our technicians inspect your house, we will determine the best bed bug treatment technique for your situation. Before we begin the bed bug removal process, we will guide you through a list to ensure complete success. 

We will treat mattresses, box springs, headboards, picture frames, electrical outlets, and all other areas where the bed bugs live. We will treat your whole house for bed bugs to ensure we eradicate the problem. After we complete our initial treatment, we will return if the problem persists. Contact us today and schedule your free inspection.