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Pest Control In Port Arthur, TX

Located along Texas’ Gulf Coast in Jefferson County, Port Arthur is known for its maritime industry and museums. But, as with all places along with bodies of water, this equates to higher pest activity, too. Our moist air and warm average temperatures make it so pest populations can thrive in Port Arthur, which is why local property owners need to get started early on ways to protect against infestations. 

Residential Pest Control In Port Arthur

Homes are vulnerable to pests because tiny bugs and rodents know they can find plenty of places to hide inside human structures, plus lots of food and drinkable water. This is why human properties are real magnets for pest activity, which is why a lax approach to residential pest control doesn’t pay off. Instead, you should turn to the experts at Pestco Professional Pest for assistance dealing with pests that move in and prevent an infestation in the first place. Here’s how we help Port Arthur homeowners:

  • Free Assessment: Our treatment plan always starts with a free assessment of your property to determine whether pests are already there or not and where they are coming from. This is why plenty of residents call on us just to make sure infestations aren’t forming. 
  • Cost-Effective: Our treatments are affordable and far cheaper than store-bought methods. For one, not all products work on all kinds of pests. For another, untrained hands won’t meet the same results as experts would. This is why we’re more cost-effective as a whole than trying to deal with pests on your own. 
  • Year-round Protection: We also offer year-round protection, regularly checking back with you and treating seasonal pest problems that may become a bigger problem at certain times of the year. 

Get started on residential pest control that keeps pests out for good by contacting Pestco Professional Pest today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Port Arthur

Of course, it isn’t just homes that can attract pests. Suppose pest populations are attracted to human activity. In that case, businesses are at an even greater risk of invasion because commercial properties naturally have a lot more going on than the average home. This is why local business owners need to partner with commercial pest control experts to ensure that pests don’t disrupt the everyday operations that equal your livelihood. Here are the kinds of businesses we help in Port Arthur: 

  • Restaurants & Bars: As businesses where food is served daily, restaurants are natural magnets for pests to be drawn to. There are also many storage areas to nest in, and food waste is generated in trash bins. 
  • Academic & Healthcare: This part of Texas has a ton of universities and hospitals, both of which can have all of the same attractants as other businesses. 
  • Agricultural Business: Texas is known for its agriculture, and many goods get moved out of Port Arthur every day. We help agricultural businesses and warehouses avoid pests that can contaminate goods. 

For true commercial pest control in Port Arthur, contact Pestco Professional Pest today. 

How Dangerous Are Port Arthur’s Spiders?

North America isn’t known for particularly dangerous spiders, but some varieties are more threatening than everyday house spiders. Species like black widows and brown recluses can be found all over the United States, even along coastal communities like Port Arthur. And spiders of all kinds are typically a sign that existing pest populations are already growing. Because they hunt other pests for food, spiders aren’t attracted to our properties by the food and shelter that structures provide, they are drawn there because other pests are already taking advantage of these factors. That’s why early pest prevention measures can protect you against spiders of all kinds, including the dangerous ones whose bites can land you in the hospital. To get this kind of overall protection against house spiders, you should turn to Pestco Professional Pest today. We offer preventative treatments that keep pests out in the first place, plus we can address spiders or other populations that have already managed to get a foothold on your property. Contact us today to get started. 

The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your Port Arthur Home

Bed bugs are the kind of pest that most people aren’t even aware of until their bites start to form on their skin. They are tiny invaders who hitchhike onto properties by clinging to hair, skin, clothing, or items we carry without inspecting. Bed bugs can be picked up in public spaces, like airports or train stations, and then brought back to our homes and places of business. This is why complete avoidance of bed bugs isn’t always a guarantee, and it demonstrates why you should be on the lookout for these signs of bed bugs: 

  • Bites: Unfortunately, the itchy welts that result from bed bugs are often the first and only sign people get that they have a problem. If you notice bite marks on your arms and legs, you should contact the pros immediately. 
  • Spots & Stains: When bed bugs bite us in our sleep, they can cause small red dotting to occur on sheets or furnishings. They can also lead to yellow stains when their eggs hatch or shed their skins. 
  • Eggs: Speaking of eggs, bed bugs tend to hide their eggs where you can’t easily find them. If you manage to find them, they look like tiny, cream-colored rice grains.

At Pestco Professional Pest, we can eliminate bed bugs completely, so if you notice these signs of bed bugs, contact the pros immediately.